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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Alternative Coffee Brewing?

So to break it down - alternate brewing quite literally means alternate or different methods of making coffee, other than with a pump driven espresso machine.

Is Coffee A Brew?

Scientifically speaking, brewing coffee is the process of extracting the soluble material in roasted and ground coffee. As this coffee is brewed in hot water, hundreds of unique compounds are extracted from the ground beans – creating brewed coffee.

Is French Press Or Chemex Better?

Each method offers a different style of brew. The Chemex gives you bright and clean coffee, while the French Press delivers a flavorful and full-bodied cup. Keep in mind that taste preferences are subjective. The winner boils down to how you want your coffee.

What Are The Three Methods Of Brewing Coffee?

The most popular methods of doing this include using a drip coffee maker, French press, or espresso machine. Understanding these three processes is essential when running a successful café since each variation produces a different flavor, brew time, and caffeine level for your customers' favorite drinks.

What Is The Difference Between Coffee And Latte?

Latte is a creamier version of coffee. Two-thirds of it is steamed milk, poured over a shot of espresso and topped with a layer of milk foam.

What Is The Difference Between Coffee And Brewed Coffee?

Where espresso uses pressure to force hot water through finely ground coffee, brewed coffee involves pouring hot water over fresh coffee grounds (a pour-over method), or adding fresh coffee grounds into hot water (immersion brewing).