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Bruer Charcoal Cold Brewing System

Bruer Charcoal Cold Brewing System

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Looking to make your own delicious cold brew at home? Look no further. Born of an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign and since perfected in cafes, the Bruer is perfect for anyone looking to make fantastic cold brewed coffee without fuss or expense.
Bruer Cold Brewing Systems are the latest technology in the world of cold brew. Simply add your coffee, ice cold water and steep, once ready you will have crisp and refreshing cold brew. If you're a fan of cold brew, or it is just too damn hot for normal coffee - Give the latest iced coffee brewing sensation from Bruer a try!

Neat, clean and functional, the Bruer is sturdier and more compact than other cold drips on the market, while the quality of the coffee and the ease of brewing is just as good. It makes around 600ml per batch, although (pro tip) if you want (need) more you can always make it extra-strong and dilute with heaps of ice.

It's full-flavoured, smooth and sweet, without the bitterness and acidity typical of a coffee that's brewed hot and then cooled. You can drink it straight, on the rocks, or diluted with a slug of iced water or milk for a refreshing coffee at any time of day.

We love the Bruer because it's simple and user friendly.
It's easy to use, easy to clean, fits in your fridge or in your cupboard and makes beautiful, effortless cold brewed coffee. The Bruer II is sturdier than its predecessor, with thicker glass and a new hourglass shape that makes it easier to fit away and handle and a new silicon 'shoulder' where the two glass parts meet to help you prevent cut down on breakages. 

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