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AeroPress Adaptor Fello Prismo

AeroPress Adaptor Fello Prismo

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AeroPress Adaptor Fello Prismo

Get closer to easy, affordable home espresso with the Fellow Prismo for AeroPress. Featuring a stainless steel filter, a no-drip seal, and a pressure actuated valve, this clever device is capable of producing espresso-style shots that are flavorful, versatile, and quick to drink.

The magic of the Prismo is its pressure actuated valve that generates additional pressure and shoots out the brewed shot in a way that forms a creamy mouthfeel and bold flavor. Also contributing to the full body and flavor is the stainless steel 70-micron etched filter. It'll last you for years and can easily be detached for quick cleaning.

Basic Fellow Prismo Instructions:

  • Grind 18g of coffee at a fine setting
  • Add 45g of hot water over ten seconds, then stir rapidly for twenty seconds
  • Insert the plunger and press down quickly to pull the shot

You can drink your espresso-style shot by itself, top with water to make an americano, top with steamed milk to make a cappuccino, or use it to create a variety of creative coffee cocktails.

When you're not plunging, the no-drip seal keeps all the coffee where it's supposed to be-inside the brewer. This means no more premature dripping mid-brew, which means you can brew AeroPress coffee via the regular method without sacrificing quality.

Please use caution when pressing down. Thin glassware may break if too much pressure is applied. When in doubt, use a ceramic or metal cup.

Fellow Prismo for AeroPress Features

Espresso-Style Shots - The pressure actuated valve encourages the formation of a creamy mouthfeel and bold flavor to produce an espresso-like coffee.

No-Drip Seal - Allows you to brew full-immersion coffee without having to worry about coffee draining prematurely mid-brew.

70-Micron Etched Filter - Built from stainless steel to consistently deliver a full-bodied brew for years to come.

Compatible With Shot Glasses - Valve aperture allows you to brew directly into sturdy shot glasses, rather than having to brew into a larger server first.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Fellow Prismo
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Filter
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