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Hario Smart G Drip Kettle, 1400ml, White

Hario Smart G Drip Kettle, 1400ml, White

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Hario Smart G Kettle is a home barista's companion in a form of a practical kettle used for boiling water. What is unique about this kettle, is a gooseneck spout, a hole for a thermometer in the lid and possibility of use on all types of hobs. Thanks to its precision, it is particularly useful for  alternative coffee brewing methods such as a Dripper, Chemex or AeroPress.


- Gooseneck - Its slim profiled spout allows for full control of pouring,  so you have influence on the pace and direction of water stream. The minimalist and industrial design along with pouring precision make the Smart G stand out from regular kettles.

- Space for a thermometer - The lid has a small cap with a hole allowing you to place a thermometer in it. Additionally, there are holes in the handle - these are for storing the thermometer when not in use. A thermometer is not included. 

- Convenient and durable - Smart G Kettle with its solid stainless steel design and plastic elements is your kettle for years. A silicone wrap around the handle keep your hands safe from hot surface. Additionally, it is suitable for  almost all types of hot plates. (not suitable on miele en bosch plates)

Total capacity: 1.4L
Practical capacity: 1000 ml
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