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XLVI Steam Hammer 1 Group (Ex Display/Demo Machine)

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Designed for lovers of milk based espresso, the Steamhammer is the espresso machine designed for heavy usage.

From Italian manufacturer XLVI, the Steamhammer combines a captivating look with some outstanding technology to create a truly powerful coffee machine.

The machine has extra long steam wands, perfect for those large milk jugs. The steam function is lever activated for a smooth vapour release. The body is constructed of thick stainless steel giving the Steamhammer a really strong look.

Each grouphead has six programmable buttons on an easy-to-use touchpad. The Steamhammer is available in 1, 2 or 3 grouphead configurations.

Designed for those working with large volumes - Precise, easy to handle, intuitive to use and always reliable, even with intensive use.

Pre-set function for the amount of water used to brew the coffee.

Additional features:

– P.I.D. (proportional-integral-derivative) heating system.
– LCD display.
– WI-FI for setting and checking the machine vie smartphone.
– Automatic switch off.
– Energy saving mode.
– Notifications about required coffee machine’s maintenance.
– Automatic cleaning program.
– Filtered coffee module.
– Front and back LED illumination.
– “Mug Bowl” reversible grid system, which facilitates the management of different size cups.

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