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Refinement Kit - Rotary Wheel without Cover

Refinement Kit - Rotary Wheel without Cover

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Introducing a new stainless steel steam and hot water knob cover, designed to elevate your espresso experience. Crafted in Germany, these covers are meticulously engineered for durability and style.

The refinement kit will upgrade your setup, carefully crafted to enhance your espresso machine with a touch of elegance.  From a balanced handling to ergonomic design, this portafilter handle offers optimal performance thanks to it's internal weighting.

Designed for seamless control, the wooden rotary steam and hot water knobs offer ergonomic comfort and precision.  

Choose from a selection of wood types including olive, walnut, oak and black-stained oak for your refinement kit. Each wood type brings its own unique characteristics: olive with a distinctive grain, walnut with a uniformly dark wood grain, and the oak with a subtle play of color depending on the viewing angle.

Compatible with Rocket Appartamento , Cellini , Giotto , Mozzafiato , R58 (Cinquantotto),  this set offers versatility and quality for espresso enthusiasts

The refinement kit comes elegantly packaged, ensuring a delightful unboxing experience.  

Please be aware that wood is a natural material, and as such, there may be variations in appearance compared to the product photo. 
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