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Quamar Q50S Push Coffee Grinder

Quamar Q50S Push Coffee Grinder

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The Q50S is a professional coffee grinder with 54 mm flat blades which can grind up to 1.5 kg of coffee powder per day. Economical, compact and user-friendly, it is ideal for low-consumption products such as decaffeinated coffee or special brews.

The Quamar Q50 Push Coffee Grinder is compact and quiet on-demand coffee grinder, developed in response to customer feedback and the needs of the home market. This grinder is equipped with a user-friendly push button for on-demand grinding for manual dosing.

The Quamar Q50 Push can produce up to 1.5kg of coffee per day (on ultra fine setting), via the 54mm stainless steel flat burrs, making it ideal for low-to-medium consumption. This includes home use and secondary grinder use commercially, for single origin beans or decaf coffee.

The Quamar Q50 Push coffee grinder is perfect for home baristas, or for low consumption in commercial cafes or locations, producing exceptional grind for all your brewing needs.

Suggested daily production:

1.5Kg capacity

Dosing device:

timer from 0 to 30 seconds activated with the switch button

Grinding blades:

ø54 mm special stainless steel


1.400 (50Hz) – 1.600 (60Hz)

Tension, power:

220-240 V – 50/60 Hz


155 x 240 x 410 mm (width x depth x height)

Net weight:

7 kg

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