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Quamar M80 Touch Plus Coffee Grinder

Quamar M80 Touch Plus Coffee Grinder

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The new M80 Touch Plus model is the restyling of the classic M80/E in which the front coffee funnel has been replaced by the innovative color touchscreen display, the same type installed in the PREMIUM Sirio-Q coffee grinder.

The extensive menu of the M80 Touch Plus also includes, among the various settings, the “counters” section where the single, double and manual doses dispensed are indicated; it is possible to reset the counters of the doses divided by day-month-year by selecting the desired tab individually.

The new grinder wear counter has been integrated into the technical settings which is a great support for the maintenance of the grinding system by the barista who is informed about the need to replace the grinders. The wear value of the grinders can be modified by the user who can set the desired value using the numeric keypad.

M80/TP can be supplied with the following optional equipment: coffee powder tray, bean hopper with different capacities (150 g – 250 g – 500 g – 1200 g – 1500 g), Australian, UK, USA, Brazilian, Swiss and Israeli plug.

M80/Touch Plus is supplied with short fork, its rapid grinding makes it possible not to detach the handle from the filter holder, ensuring in a short time an excellent ground coffee. The fork with non-slip rubberised end can also be long, allowing the holder to be supported without the operator’s manual support.

Available in eight different colours: graphite black, dull black, shiny black, shiny red, polished aluminium, silver gray, shiny white, shiny orange.

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