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Cafetto Grinder Cleaner (450gm)

Cafetto Grinder Cleaner (450gm)

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Cafetto Grinder Cleaner 450gm

Removes build-up of stale coffee residue and coffee odours. Reduces blockages between burrs and internal chambers. No grinder disassembly required.

Cafetto® is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for espresso, coffee brewing and dispensing equipment, ensuring a clean machine every time.

  1. Empty all coffee from hopper.
  2. Pour one capful of Cafetto® Grinder Clean into hopper.
  3. Run grinder to grind all Grinder Clean in hopper .
  4. Empty the grinder dosing chamber and brush out any dust. 
  5. To season burrs, repeat above process once with one capful of coffee beans.
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