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ECM Controvento Due (2 Group)

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The ECM® Controvento Due is provided with 2 coffee boilers of 0.75L volume ea. along with their own 1200 Watt heater. The water is being heated in the heat exchanger of the steam-/hot water-boiler in advance of preparing the coffee. This assures a high temperature stability for every espresso even when the machine is in continuous operation.

The PID-control makes it possible for you to be able to separately, and to the exact degree, govern the temperature of the water in all 3 boilers. Thus, for example, you can simultaneously extract espressos at two brew groups, using two different temperatures.

Multi-boiler espresso machine
– 2 stainless steel coffee boilers, 0.75L volume ea.
– 1 stainless steel steam-/hot water-boiler, 9L volume
– Pre-heating’ of the coffee water in the steam-/hot water-boiler

– for the separate adjustment of the temperatures in both coffee boilers, and the steam-/hot water-boiler
– for the indication of the coffee brewing time in seconds

  • Optimisation of the water temperature for tea through cold water mixing
  • Possibility of using tall cups due to the larger distance between brew group and drip tray
  • Additional grid stand for being able to position espresso cups in an optimal manner during brewing
  • ECM® brew group with stainless steel mushrooms
  • Internal rotary pump, pump pressure adjustable from the outside
  • Easy steam-/hot water-boiler drainage for transport
  • 3 ergonomic, ECM® porta filters, 2 with 2 spouts and 1 with 1 spout
  • Heaters with 2 x 1200W and 1 x 3000W
  • 2-phase voltage, 230 Volts ea.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 830 x 650 x 470 mm w/o porta filters