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BWT Filter Jug (Includes a Filter) (Code No: 125557841)

BWT Filter Jug (Includes a Filter) (Code No: 125557841)

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BWT Filter Jug (Includes a Filter)

The BWT Filter Jug is a stylish, easy to use portable jug for tea, coffee and drinking water. The filter jug removes offensive sediment, taste & odour and inhibits scale build-up. The 2.7-litre jug has a slim design which will conveniently fit in the fridge door. A handy display counts the number of jug fills.

Specially designed for coffee and tea brewing, the BWT mineral water jug is the first and only filter jug that not only filters tap water, but also mineralises it with magnesium. Attractively and ergonomically designed, the 2.7 litre sized jug has a contemporary, fresh and striking look that is both practical in use and pleasing to the eye.

Did you know? Drinking 2.5 litres of water from the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer maintains your magnesium balance simply and effectively and ensures that you automatically receive up to 20% of your daily magnesium requirement.


  • Materials of construction: Food grade plastics
  • Temperature range: For cold water only
  • Filter cartridge change recommended every 4 weeks
  • Dishwasher safe (except for lid).
  • Easy control electronic indicator – offering a visual reminder of when to change the filter. Able to count in time and litres.
  • Easy fit - fits neatly into most standard fridge doors. Easy fill - effortless, splash-free refilling, with no need to remove the lid.
  • Fill and pour - Thanks to the tight lid seal, your first glass of magnesium enhanced water can be poured almost immediately after filling.
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