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BWT Bestprotect XL (Code No: FS28N00A00)

BWT Bestprotect XL (Code No: FS28N00A00)

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Scale and Corrosion prevention made easy

BWT bestprotect filter cartridges. Using BWT’s advanced technology bestprotec provides excellent protection for the equipment used to produce hot drinks and kitchen equipment in the food service sector. For example, natural water with a high salt content may cause corrosion problems or lead to scale and gypsum deposits (calcium sulphate). BWT bestprotect filter cartridges feature an exceptional filter medium and high-end BWT technology to provide your machine technology with the best possible protection.

In addition, the cartridges are specially designed to achieve an optimum pH value and an excellent water mineral balance – both crucial factors in great-tasting coffee and espresso. BWT bestprotect the perfect solution for machine protection and great tasting coffee.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Idea for steam generation in combi steamers, ovens and steam cookers
  • Remove particles, flavour-inhibiting substances and the taste of cholorine from the water
  • Protects expensive equipment and appliances against limescale and gypsum deposits
  • Minimises the risk of corrosion by stablising the pH value
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