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BWT Bestprotect 2XL (Code No: FS30N00A00)

BWT Bestprotect 2XL (Code No: FS30N00A00)

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BWT Bestprotect 2XL Water Filter provides the best possible protection against rust and scale. Even if the water quality has improved, your coffee machine has been protected by the bestprotect line. Natural water with a high concentration of salt, for example, may cause corrosion problems or scale and gypsum deposits (calcium sulphate). The BWT bestprotect filter cartridges make use of the company's famous medium and high-end BWT filter technology in order to provide the best possible protection for your machine technology and other components.

Despite the high concentration of scale, BWT cartridges are very effective in preventing scale and gypsum deposits, maintaining a constant pH, and preventing corrosion from occuring. Water that has been filtered via the Bestprotect system is consistently of the highest quality. 

Highlights of BWT Bestprotect 2XL Water Filter

  • Excellent Water Filtration. It helps to prevent water scales, gypsum deposits and corrosion, helping you to give maximum protection to your coffee machine.
  • Easy Installation. It has a one-way system, all you need to to is to uncrew the old filter and replace it with the new one.
  • Versatile Positioning. The filter can be installed  horizontally and vertically to fit into the position.
  • Balanced pH. The water would maintain at a high pH value after filtration, which has been proved beneficial to human body.
  • Compatibility. The filter is 100% compatible with BWT Water and many other filter heads.
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