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Victoria Arduino

Eagle 1 Prima by Victoria Arduino

Eagle 1 Prima by Victoria Arduino

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Introducing the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Home Espresso Machine - an unparalleled combination of uncompromising quality and innovative design tailored specifically for home coffee enthusiasts. Built with the same exacting standards as their commercial machinery, this remarkable espresso machine brings forth a wealth of advancements from the forefront of espresso brewing into the comfort of your own home, promising an exciting and truly new brewing experience.

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Coffee Machine Features:

  • Successful Innovation in Sustainability: The E1 Prima incorporates the NEO system (New Engine Optimisation) into its water heating boilers, enabling rapid heating in under 8 minutes from a cold start. This ensures high performance and consistent brewing temperatures, while also increasing energy efficiency. The stainless steel boilers, though smaller in volume, are thermally insulated to prevent heat and energy dispersion, resulting in reduced energy consumption.
  • Pulling Shots With The E1 Prima: With compatibility for standard-sized commercial portafilters and filter baskets, along with volumetric brewing programs, the E1 Prima guarantees optimal ratios for the most delicious espressos. The Ghost display, positioned at an ideal angle for the barista, offers three user-friendly brew buttons and a vibrant LED shot timer that illuminates during the brewing process and gracefully fades away when not in use.
  • Steaming Milk on the E1 Prima: Prima's Steam-by-Wire, an electronic lever mechanism, revolutionizes the process of dispensing steam. Unlike traditional manual taps, this advanced system provides precise control over steam dispensing, offering a pressure of up to 2.5 bar with an elevated power/speed ratio. The Prima ensures the production of high-quality dry and saturated steam, while the Cool Touch Steam Wands add reliability and safety to the equation.
  • Built to Innovate: Designed for sustainability without compromising performance and consistent quality.
  • Energy Sustainable: The highly efficient insulated boilers, coupled with the recycling of waste water, reduce energy consumption by approximately one-third.
  • Powerful Connectivity: Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity optimize the E1 Prima's performance and usability, providing enhanced control and convenience.
  • Elevated Design: The E1 Prima mirrors the performance of commercial machines while catering to the needs of home users.
  • Auto-Purge Group-head: Featuring a standard feature found on commercial machines, the auto-purge grouphead ensures cleanliness and minimizes waste water.
  • PID Linked Temperature: The brew water and steam temperature can be precisely controlled using the PID system, unlocking the potential for crafting incredible espresso drinks.

Product Specifications:

  • Boilers: Stainless Steel - Thermally Insulated
  • Boiler Capacities: Brew Boiler - 0.14L, Steam Boiler - 1.5L
  • Water Tank: 1L
  • Plumbable: Yes, connections included.
  • Pump: Rotary - 50L/h
  • PID: Yes, Brew & Steam Pressure (APP Controlled)
  • Brew Pressure: 0 - 12 bar, Steam Pressure: 0.8 - 3 bar
  • Display: Shot timer
  • Volumetric Brewing: Yes
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes (APP Controlled)
  • Lightening: Yes
  • Power Rating: 220-240V, 1600W-2600W (<9.35A)
  • Dimensions (mm): (H) 379 x (D) 510 x (W) 411
  • Group Height - 153mm
  • Cup Warmer: 330 x 280
  • Weight: 37kg

What's in the box

  • The Eagle 1 Prima Coffee Machine
  • Braided hose for plumbing kit and drain hose
  • 58mm Stainless Double Spout Portafilter
  • 58mm Stainless Single Spout Portafilter
  • 58mm Tamper
  • 1 x  7g  Basket
  • 1 x 14g Basket
  • 1 x 20g Basket
  • Blind Filter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Cleaning Brush and Tablets

Please Note: We proudly bench test all of our coffee machines before they leave Espresso Connect. Your machine is delivered on its own pallet to guarantee the best quality control possible. Please also note: Ground floor access only for all deliveries. Redelivery fees may apply. 

Some freight charges may apply for remote areas, but we will contact you prior to dispatch if this is the case.

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