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Tiamo Bamboo Cold Drip HG6329

Tiamo Bamboo Cold Drip HG6329

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Make delicious Cold-drip brewed coffee at home consistently with the Tiamo Small Cold Drip HG6329. This compact cold brew tower brews well-balanced velvety sweet  cold brew coffee using the slow drip method, controlling the drip rate to exact the perfect flavour every-time. 

Basic Drip Cold Brew Instructions:

  • Grind your coffee at a medium setting, place in the stainless coffee chamber, and top with a paper filter.
  • Add water and ice to the upper chamber and set the dripper to allow one drop of water to fall per second.
  • After 5-8 hours, clean the equipment and enjoy the cold brew.

The resulting cold brew coffee is smooth and satisfying. Store it in the fridge for up to two weeks for on-demand coffee effortlessly.

Built with durable borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and a sturdy bamboo frame. A paper filter can be added on top of the coffee grounds for even water dispersion (Tiamo paper filters sold separately) but the unit includes a built-in stainless steel filter that’s easy to clean and sits under the coffee grounds.

Shipped in custom-packed boxes lined with glass-friendly padding for safe transit.

Tiamo Small Cold Drip HG6329 WOOD FEATURES:

On-demand Cold Brew Coffee – Convenient and delicious cold brewed coffee, kept cold in the fridge.

Low Acidity and Bitterness – Cold Brewed coffee is naturally less bitter and contains more sweetness for the caffeine hit without the burnt flavours.

Bamboo Frame – Superbly beautiful and compact it’ll make the ideal table centrepiece and be the talking piece in the room.

600mL Capacity – Perfectly sized for small cafes or homes looking to get started with regular cold brews.


  • 1 x Tiamo Small Cold Drip HG6329 Wood
  • *paper filters sold separately
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