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Espresso Connect

Quick Mill Vetrano - 2B Led

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  • New Restyling Stand-By Mode, PID Temperature Control
  • Coffee boiler 0.75 l./ Steam boiler 1.60 l. with external coating, Coffee resistance 800 Watt 230 Vac/115 Vac
  • Coffee resistance 1400 Watt 230 Vac
  • Steam resistance 1100 Watt 115 Vac
  • Safety coffee and Safety steam thermostat
  • Max steam boiler level probe, Electronic floating sensor (for water tray) Static coffee and steam heating relay, Double-scale pressure gauge Rotary pump with external lateral adjustment right
  • PID temperature control with independent coffee and steam adjustments Steam lance and anti-slip water lance, LED lights
  • Lever switch to activate steam resistance (energy saving)
  • Water loading door, Water supply connection
  • Preparation of direct discharge of water into the drip tray
  • 3 l. water tray with sound alarm lack of water
  • Switch for direct connection of water or tank network Adjustable stainless steel feet, Certified safety valve
  • Stainless steel bodywork 304 (Glossy)