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Quick Mill Aquila PID Coffee Machine with Flow Controller

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Quick Mill has continued to release top quality domestic machines & the Aquila is no exception. This 1 group coffee machine combines all the features of a cafe-quality coffee machine within a compact body that is perfect for the home. This machine houses a large 1.8L heat exchange boiler which allows the home barista to brew, steam and use hot water all simultaneously without affecting your pressure and temperature control.

This paired with PID temperature control and an exposed E61 group head ensures that you are always in control. As an added benefit, the Quick Mill Aquila also houses a commercial rotary pump, which allows you to connect to mains pressure when you no longer wish to use the 3L inbuilt water tank. The coffee produced using the QuickMill Aquila is sure to blow your friends and family away.

(This machine is available with and without a flow controller which is an additional $374.00)