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14 litre copper boiler with two or three heat exchangers at 0.5 l each

ECM brew groups with stainless steel bells

High-performance rotary pump; adjustable from the outside

Connectible, electronically controlled pre-infusion

Cold water mixing for making tea

Boiler may be emptied out for transport

Easy to open up for service

Dual pump- and boiler-gauges

Water level indicator

Two curved steam wands; one hot water wand

Drip grid to raise cups

Group head height 17 cm from drip tray

Three or four chromed ECM portafilters

Performance 4000 Watts

2-phase voltage of 230 V each

Dimensions without porta filter (WxDxH): 940 x 540 x 575 mm

Dimensions with porta filter (WxDxH): 940 x 600 x 575 mm

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Weight 72.5 kg